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Roselle Park, New Jersey is well aware of its proud history.  The thriving Westfield Avenue, (part of the Old York Road) is believed to be an Indian Trail, which became a colonial road.  Roselle Park 's first recorded settlement was by Samuel Williams and his son, Joseph,  in 1700. Revolutionary War buffs will recognize the east boundary of Roselle Park:  Galloping Hill Road.  Galloping scouts, with messages to and from George Washington in Morristown and Governor Livingston in Elizabeth Town, were a constant presence on this artery. Do not miss seeing the monument erected on the site of the bayoneting of the son of General William Crane or the "Hospital Oak" which offered shelter to Washington's troops on Galloping Hill Road.  Roselle was indirectly named for the railroad stop, which brought trade and prosperity to the area.  The station had been named for John Pierre Roselle, a good friend of the railway president.  March 22, 1901, by an act of legislature of the State of New Jersey, Roselle  was successfully incorporated as Roselle Park.

Education has always been a primary concern for its citizens. Its first school (a small, two-room structure) was built in 1860.  Roselle Park's newspaper, the "Spectator", was first published in 1916.  In 1923, citizens began a library at Borough Hall with donated books and volunteers. The Adult Education School, first sponsored by the library,  has endured.

The Marconi Wireless Telegraph Station, established in 1913 by Gugliermo Marconi, aided war communications during the WWI.

WDY became the first regularly broadcast radio station in 1921. (Eddie Cantor made his radio debut in Roselle Park .)

Roselle Park celebrated its Centennial Anniversary during 2001.


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